Advanced Control and Estimation Technologies
Robust Adaptive State Estimators for Advanced Control Systems
Nonlinear Control System Design Methods
Electromechanical Servo Prognostics System
Nonlinear Flight-Test Controllers
Integrated Flight-Propulsion System Control
Software for Aircraft Engine Control and Parameter Estimation
Aircraft Engine Health and Condition Monitoring
Multi-Satellite Modeling and Formation Control
Digital Electro-Mechanical Actuator
Active Noise Control Using Distributed Piezoelectric Actuators
Adaptive Beam Forming for Precision Tracking
Anti-Jam GPS Receiver Design
Integrated Guidance-Autopilots for Missiles
Investment Portfolio Optimization

Aircraft Control
High-Performance Aircraft Optimization
Advanced Control Methods for High-Speed Flight Vehicles

Air Traffic Control
En Route Air Traffic Modeling, Automation Algorithms and Software
Multi-Aircraft Conflict Detection and Resolution
Airport Surface Traffic Automation
Interaction of Space Traffic and Potential Debris with Air Traffic

Genetic Programming for Nonlinear Estimation and Control
Genetic Search Methods for Antenna Placement
Fuzzy Logic for Control Actuator Blending
Neural Network-Based Pilot-Aid for Helicopters

Machine Vision and Image Processing
Machine Vision for Robotic Helicopter Navigation
Machine Vision Based Automatic Aircraft Landing System
Image Processing for Satellite Formation Control

Medical Applications
Modeling and Analysis of Drug-Delivery Devices
Signal Processing for Drug Infusion Pumps
Tele-robotic Virtual Force Feedback System for Remote Surgical Robots