Genetic Search Toolbox

The Genetic Search Toolbox is a toolbox for the Mathworks® product MATLAB®, which allows the user to conduct powerful searches using evolutionary algorithms.

Developed under the sponsorship of the U.S. Navy for use in the development of advanced flight control systems for a modern, high-performance fighter aircraft, Genetic Search incorporates14 human-years of intense research and development.

Genetic Search has been extensively tested at U.S. government research laboratories and by other customers.




What is genetic search?

Genetic Search describes a set of directed, discontinuous search methods inspired by biological genetics and Darwinian evolution. A search problem is cast into the form of a "chromosome" representation; chromosomes are judged based on a "fitness" or performance measure. Chromosomes with better fitness values are favored within the population; they are more likely to survive to pass on their traits to offspring. A "population of answers" is available at the end of a specified number of "generations".

The term "Genetic Search" encompasses genetic algorithms, genetic programming, evolutionary algorithms, and evolution strategies. All these approaches share the common ideas of representing a search space in a chromosomal structure and then implementing a search through genetic operations on populations of these chromosomes.


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