Functional Areas

Optimal Synthesis Inc. has been awarded the eFAST MOA to work in the following functional areas:

Research & Development (R&D):

This functional area consists of research and development in the Physical and Life Sciences, including Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Computers, Computer Science, Ecology, Environmental, Geology, Hydrology, Mathematics, Meteorology, Oceanography, Physics, Statistics, Theoretical/Modeling, and Operations Research.

Computer/Information Systems Development (CSD):

This functional area consists of computer system development including Information Analysis/Business Intelligence, Database Analysis/ Design/Development, Computer Program Analysis/Design/Development, Computer System Analysis/Design/Development, Web Site Analysis/Design/Development, Graphic Design, Computer System Server Analysis/Design/Test, Developing Training Materials, Training, Information Assurance Analysis/Test, Enterprise Architecture, Information Technology Systems Architecture, Network Analysis/Design/Test, Computer System Quality Assurance, Software Engineering, and Graphic Design.